Day 14 - One Thing You’re Excited For

The marathon on 4th December! 

It’s going to be the first ever marathon I’m going for, I hope I can run for at least half (:

Day 13 - Things I want to achieve in 2011


1. I want to get on the Dean’s List for real.
2. I want to bond with council more. And with my trackkers ♥
3. I want to feel like I accomplished something. Not like just, oh, 2011’s over, that’s all.
4. Want to spend more time with family!
5. Bond with 08 more. Until like we’ll cry at the end of the year, bcos we’d be splittt up. D:
6. Talk to the graduating seniors more. So I won’t cry as much when 2012 starts and I don’t see them anymore.
7. Love myself more.
8. Get a freaking life.
9. Start getting off the virtual world.
10. Stop getting addicted to the internet xD 

Day 12 - 3 things that irritate me about people/.

1. Some just cannot stop thinking that I don’t need to study to get grades.

2. When they keep asking me the same question when I had already answered it.

3. When they aren’t punctual (ie, more than 10mins lateee) or when they don’t do their share of work.

Day 11 - Not applicable.
Day 10 - 5 things I want to change about myself and WHY.

1. My indecisiveness. So that I can get things done more quickly.

2. My greed for food and grades. So that I’ll live more happily.

3. My impatience. So that people won’t get pissed at me so easily.

4. My height. Sometimes I think that it’d be better if I’m shorter ._.

5. My unwillingness to give up any of my commitments. So that I can cope much much better with school work and then thus so that i won’t moan about my grades etc.

Day 9 - Current relationship status and how I feel about it.

I don’t have any particularly strong feelings? :P

I think I want to stay single, at least for a few more years :3

Day 8 - Someone who text-ed me last.


She’s a retard, my supposed boyfriend, shorter than me (HA), just got contacts, fellow dancer for Lignum Walk In (L).

Day 7 ; Your opinions on your body. ;Not applicable;

Sorry, I don’t want things to get awkward xD

Day 6 - 5 things that you like about yourself/think you’re good at

1. My height :D (5’2”) —like

Apparently, I’m tall for my age! Though I think my growing rate is slowwing down already, I’m satisfied :D Not tall enough to be a model, but enough to be an air stewardess xD That’s good enough!

2. My teeth (: —like

Straight enough! Not super whiteish, but can lah :>

3. Stress Management. —good at

No elaboration required.

4. Technology Skills (: —good at, and like

Whee, the thing I’m most proud of is my Microsoft Ppt official certificate that i got when I was 10 years old :D I was the only one to get it from my level, though many, many people tried. Proud of my Sony Vegas and Photoshop skills too. (L)

5. Being so relaxed and therefore not mugging just before tests. — good at, dislike

Because this will cause me to do very badly for my tests (in my standard)and I will get depressed, which is really really retarded. (and what i’m doing now!)

Day 5 - The subject I love most at school/college.


Contrasting much, but yeah :D PE b’cause it’s the only lesson that we don’t need to stay in class and stare at the teacher to pass it. Music for the awesome fun in creating our own sound tracks.

Day 3 - 5 most memorable things that happened in 2010

1. Experiencing BOARDING in school for the VERY FIRST TIME ♥

2. Rehearsals for Lignum Walk-in 2011♥

3. Going for the horrifying camp </3

4. Mugging and sleeping lateee after house sessions in boarding♥

5. Coming to NJ (my current school) in the very first place. 

Day 2 - Lyrics to a song that fits my current mood.

Fefe Dobson- Stuttering ♥

The seconds turn into minutes now
But you won’t give me an answer
You can tell me this ,you can tell me that
But don’t say you don’t remember

DAY1. 14MAY2011

1. Look up your horoscope and tell us how accurate you think it is.

Most battles are fought and won inside our head. Hence, Ganesha urges you to maintain a positive outlook today. The stars grant you the ability to double your efforts, and allow your imagination to take flight and chart new routes to success. This should curb your frustration of the last few days. If you begin to feel physically drained, just fall back on your reserve of mental strength to push you through. All in all, today, you shall reach your targets, says Ganesha.

Hmm, I think it’s quite cool :D Feeling tired recently.